I will never play professional sports or rock out an arena as a world renown pop star. However, I have traveled the world as a male stripper and in a lot of ways it has been pretty damn close. For a freedom loving, extremely heterosexual adrenaline junkie it has been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know this ride won’t last forever so I am going to enjoy every last moment and experience for all it’s worth. The purpose of this blog is to provide a glimpse into the life and experiences of a real MAGIC M$!$! male entertainer.

I want to share some stories from the business and also some lessons, tips, pointers, etc. that I picked up along the way. Enjoy the stories and updates on this blog and if you like them consider buying my future e-book. Look for “LIVING THE DREAM” Stories, Confessions & Life Lessons from the Last Stripper” coming soon!

Also please leave comments. What do you want to hear more about? You are my readers and I am writing for you so please let me know your thoughts, questions, etc.        Landon Foxx